Roofing Customer Complaints

One of the hardest challenges in managing or owning a business is properly handling customer complaints. No matter how well business is conducted or how admirably clients are treated, every business encounters complaints from customers. The key factor to obtaining a positive outcome once a complaint is lodged is managing the situation with aplomb and appropriate reactions.

First and foremost, every complaint should be recognized and addressed. Although the complaint may appear small or frivolous, the client who made the complaint is not. Ignoring an unhappy client is the fastest way to lose him or her. When a person is in distress, being truly heard is imperative. Personally calling the client or talking in person is a great way to communicate how seriously the complaint is being regarded. Take the chance to repeat what the problem is understood to be and ask additional questions to clarify the situation.

Once the client knows the business manager or owner is fully aware of the problem and has comprehended the grievances, steps toward resolution can begin. Involve the client in brainstorming for possible ways to remedy the complaint. This gives the client some power and facilitates willingness to negotiate.

Another suggestion is to give the client several proposed solutions that are advantageous to the company. By doing so, the owner successfully offers a variety of options to the client and gives the client a feeling of having control and influence over the solution while maintaining the best interest of the business. Finally, these steps should be conducted in a timely manner to underscore the significance of the situation.

Consider each criticism as an opportunity for exemplary customer service. Follow these steps and win back the client’s trust and appreciation. See complaints as challenges that foster growth and betterment of the business.

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