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Prior to deciding to use American Metal Roofs Inc, or some other roofer, our editors highly recommend you contact Angie’s List at toll-free 1-877-275-9417 to prescreen the business and get evaluations from other buyers in your regional area.

When you dwell in or around Genesee County in Michigan and you need roofing, home siding or other construction work carried out, one firm to make contact with is American Metal Roofs Inc. Located at 6140 Taylor Drive in Flint American Metal Roofs Inc is nearby and ready to help you.

The easiest way to make contact with American Metal Roofs Inc is to call up the office at 810762-0126 or visit its web page at

In the area below you’ll find the entire contact info for American Metal Roofs Inc and a map to the business office:

American Metal Roofs Inc
6140 Taylor Drive
Flint, MI 48507

County: Genesee

Telephone: 810762-0126


E-mail if available:

Website Address:

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You can get bids from as much as 3 Flint, Michigan area building contractors for your roofing job by calling 1-877-745-1379.

Another excellent alternative for selecting experienced roofers in the Flint area is to call Service Magic at toll-free 1-877-215-3369. Service Magic puts each provider through a comprehensive 10-point screening process including proof of Michigan state level licenses and general liability insurance policies and it also runs a civil and criminal background check on each of its roofing contractors..

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